This position is closed right now but you can contact us anyway, we will take you into account when the position is open again.

About Serendeepia

Serendeepia is synonym of Deep Learning and Data Science expertise. We are a multidisciplinar and experienced team with a strong background in Artificial Intelligence research, Advanced Analytics and Digital Business. Our core business is to build custom solutions based on state of the art research and we help our customers to develop their own capability to benefit from the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques.

If you want to know more about Serendeepia and how we work you can check our Playbook. It will also help you to prepare your job application.

Internship Software Engineer

We are looking for Software Engineering enthusiasts that want to keep learning and working in new challenges creating minimum viable products to test different ideas or collaborating in cutting edge AI projects.

The main goal of the position is to offer enthusiasts the opportunity to keep improving their skills in order to find a full time position as Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Mobile Developer or Big Data Engineer. You will help with the development of tools for the company that will be used daily.

Desirable skills and qualifications

When applying please send your CV and some information about the projects you have worked on before that are relevant for the position. We would also want to know why you want to be part of Serendeepia.