Success Stories

Donor Churn Prediction for a Medical Care Non-profit

We collaborate with a human rights non-profit health care organization that provides emergency medical services and long-term care for vulnerable groups in Spain, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions we aim at reducing donor churn and optimize their digital fundraising strategies.

Object Detection for Automatic Insurance Risk Analysis

We are helping the leading non-life insurance company in Spain and Latin America to develop their own AI systems for advanced machine vision and object recognition. We have teamed with the Advanced Analytics unit to develop high-performance and high-accuracy object detection models using state-of-the-art Deep Learning techniques. We are also reducing the time-to-market of new Artificial Intelligence products thanks to an agile microservice architecture for the deployment of Deep Learning models into production environments.

Design of a global platform and methodology for data projects

A large international oil company wanted to create a global platform to develop advanced data analytics projects. We helped the CDO (Chief Data Officer) and the management of the Data Hub to take decisions about the design of the platform and the assessment of Big Data & Analytics use cases. We also developed the internal methodology for the data projects across the entire company’s value chain, from oil prospection and extraction to filling station sales.

Exception spotting applied to fashion

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An international agency that creates physical experiences with cutting-edge digital technologies wanted to create a real-time live event in a main square of a big city to automatically spot the people who wear less common clothes. Taking advantage of our experience in Artificial Vision, we developed in collaboration with the client all the AI algorithms to visually detect people in real-time and to classify their clothes in different categories. A leading shoes and apparel brand was able to create great impact with this urban interactive experience designed to spot the coolest potential customers for their outfit.

Airport shops sales Optimization

An international Airport Services Company wanted to optimize the boarding gates allocation of national and international flights with the aim of maximizing the sales in airport’s shops and duty free. We performed a thoughtful analysis of many related data sources from an international LATAM airport and built several predictive models of the sales expected by each combination of flight and gate. With this information the gate allocation systems can maximize the sales of airport shops while keeping the rest of flight requirements intact.