We create Artificial Intelligence products for startups based on state of the art research

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Serendeepia is a group of experts in Machine Learning and Deep Learning with a passion for startups. We build custom solutions based on state of the art research and we help our customers to develop their own capability to use Artificial Intelligence.

We are a multidisciplinar and experienced team with a strong background in Artificial Intelligence research, Artificial Cognitive Systems and Digital Businesss. Over the last years we have been leading Machine Learning projects in large consultancy firms and startups around the world (London, San Francisco, Madrid).

Meet the team


We help companies to enhance their offering by including Deep Learning and Machine Learning models in their products. We build custom solutions with state of the art technology, enabling our customers and partners to use Artificial Intelligence effectively.



We analyze your problem and design effective AI solutions based on state of the art technology and tools.


We design, develop, train and test deep learning models building AI minimum viable products.


We provide a ready-to-use and scalable solution deployment based on micro-services.


TensorFlow is one of the most used libraries used by researchers to create Deep Learning models. It was also designed by Google to be used for running models in production: Cloud Machine Learning, AWS instances using TensorFlow Serving or Android/iOs mobile apps.
Apache Spark is a fast in-memory engine for big data processing and one of the platforms we use. We have experience with big data architectures in both small and large deployments. We provide you with scalable infrastructure design for your present and future needs.
GitHub has become the standard version control repository for professional and open source coding. We use the standard tools of fast paced startups and we follow agile methodologies in our projects, providing a seamless integration into your existing workflows.
Python is the standard language for Machine Learning research and we use it extensively in our projects. We apply high standards to our code and experimentation with extensive documentation and unit testing.

Life after us

Serendeepia is committed to their projects beyond the deployment to production. We would continue helping your startup beyond the product proof of concept. We design ad-hoc training courses for your team and/or help you to to hire the best data science and AI professionals.